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Dale Matthews upcoming publishing project…

July, 2019

Over the years artist Dale Matthews has documented his travels to various parts of Canada in paintings accompanied by written stories in sketchbooks. His studio has stacks of these precious records which beautifully document the history of some of Canada’s most interesting places and events.

When viewing Dale’s watercolour of the Port Royale in Nova Scotia for example, one has a sense in the lingering shadows of the original explorers such as Champlain and his band of rowdy men who were later wiped out along with the original fort, by the English invading from Virginia. His masterful storytelling drawns one in, and even those with no interest in history find themselves digging through online archives and Wikipedia to learn more about these precious Canadian relics of history.

In his lighthouse paintings one can feel the early morning fog looming over the shoreline and hear the rustling of the American Marram beachgrass alongside the sand dunes of the Atlantic Ocean and Great Lakes coasts. Below is an example of one of the watercolours which is always the medium that Dale works in for his sketchbooks.

Stay tuned as Dale is about to turn some of the best of these sketchbook stories into a stunning art coffee table book.

New Brunswick to P.E.I.

Drove back to Moncton, then North to P.E.I. crossed Confederation Bridge in approx 15 minutes (13 km.) Drove around for a couple of hours and found a motel in Summerside. Will stay 2 nites.

Drove to the North Cape of West P.E.I. today. It takes only 5 hrs. to drive East/West on the island and one hour max Nord/Sud.

Island is rolling “Green” farmland, somewhat like Central Alberta.

Hwy 14 “Lady Slipper” Drive.